In 2009, taking the opportunity of having held the“China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week”for several times, Guizhou University integrated the relevant discipline and research capacity within the university to establish the ASEAN Research Center. In 2012, this center was officially approved by the Ministry of Education as “Key Research Bases on the Breeding Stage for Foreign Country & Regional Studies” and thus became the earliesthumanities and social sciences research base in Guizhou Province. In August 2013, taking the ASEAN Research Center as the basis, Guizhou Universityset up a substantive research institute, namely, the ASEAN Research Institute, which is comprehensively responsible for the developmental works of “Foreign Country and Regional Studies Baseof the Ministry of Education.

Under the guidelines of “setting foot in Guizhou, facing the Southeast Asia and serving the great strategies of the national diplomacy”, ASEAN Research Institute actively shoulders such major tasks as scientific researches, talents cultivation, social services, capacity building and others. It puts its emphasis on carrying out the national researches centering on the education, culture, agricultural economy, international politics and others.

After years of development, ASEAN Research Institute now has a high-level interdisciplinary research team with a reasonable age structure, education related structure and professional title structure. It has nearly 20 full-time and part-time researchers, with an average age of 37.2. Among them, 15 persons have doctoral degrees or professional titles of or above the associate professor, and they all are the young academic leaders and academic backbone figures in assorted disciplines of the university.

In recent years, ASEAN Research Institute has presided over 6 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation, over 10 projects of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce, and more than 20 departmental projects. It also has published over 20 works in such state-level presses as the Science Press, more than 100 pieces of theses in SCI, SSCI and CSSCI and other periodicals, submitted over 50 internal references and survey reports, and completed the drafting of such important documents as the middle and long-term development project of the “China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week”.

ASEAN Research Institute will take the science research, disciplinary development and the services for the “China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week” as the core of work, and the national researches and regional cooperation and research as the main research contents. It will further expand its research vision, carry out academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, forge featured research directions, so as to build ASEAN Research Institute into a multi-field and interdisciplinary innovative research platform highlighting both the science research and talents cultivation and stressing both the general researches and featured special researches. It strives to build the ASEAN Research Institute into a Southeast Asia research think tank with certain influences in China.